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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why Envy the Immortal Gods?

When one has good wine,
A graceful junk,
And a maiden's love...
Why envy the immortal gods?
Li T'si Po

Why Envy the Immortal Gods?

When anyone meets Anke for the first time, it's not long before they take me aside and ask, "Do you know how lucky you are?"

Yee-ah, I do!

Finding love is easy, if one is open to love. Finding a partner another matter. Finding a partner whom we love is pure magic.

And finding one to share a life on the water is such a rarity that it's a wonder it happens at all.

Water life is itself iffy. Prone to life's slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Hard knocks and sudden changes. Rough edges and moments to try our souls. Those of us attracted to it are found along the thin fringe of humanity's bell curve. Likely quirked with 'character' found and fostered.

How to meet, except by the long chance? Where to meet, when we haunt the far reaches, avoiding the press of towns? How to trade singular ways for plural?

Yet now and then - by hook, crook, karma or kismet - we do meet. Out of all the world and time, our paths cross.

And that is all it takes.


Happy Valentine's Day, Anke!

(And to all ye Young Lovers*, where'er ye be)

* Is there any other kind?

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