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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Doctors Without Borders: Friends in Need

Doctors Without Borders: Friends in Need

Sometimes, the world scares me.

A howling gale, driving seas, lee shores -- these can leave me dry of mouth and knock of knee. 

But I have some experience in these. A boon companion. Tools at my command. A refuge downwind.

I can face them.

For many years now, Anke and I have supported Doctors Without Borders, aka Medecines Sans Frontieres (MSF).

Since their founding, they have walked the walk through the valley of the shadow of death. In the face of natural disaster, war and disease, their staff and volunteers have risked their very lives in service of populations in dire need.

Now, they are embroiled in the desperate West African fight against the Ebola Virus.

Ebola. The modern world's first biosafety level 4 epidemic. Spreading exponentially.

My mouth is dry. My knees knock. My heart bleeds.

MSF is in the field, facing what I cannot and perhaps dare not.

It's unofficial, but to date, we've managed to put aside 10+% of TriloBoats' earnings toward helping others. Doctors Without Borders has been the chief recipient. Thus, many of you have already made a contribution.

Please consider an extra donation to this extraordinary organization in this extraordinary time of need.

A stitch in time, if there's still time.


Click HERE to visit Doctors Without Borders donation page.

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