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Fair winds!

Dave and Anke
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ambiguous Uncertainty. Adaptability. Stillness in Transition.

Ambiguous Uncertainty. 
Stillness in Transition.
-- Chinese qualities associated with SLACKTIDE

Greetings, Friends... I apologize for my abrupt disappearance! Two deceased computers and a minimal internet access point pretty much put the world on read-only status.

We have substantially completed WAYWARD ex T32x8 LUNA, and are now sailed to our winter caretaking gig in Baranof Warmsprings Bay. Her split junk rig is a prototype, which checked out this summer... we'll be building final sails this winter.

However, there's been a substantial change in our lives.

We've taken on a new cruising partner, Casey Phillips. For various reasons, neither his boat (S/V BRISK) nor ours are suitable for the three of us, so we'll likely be building again in a way that can accommodate our new 'footprint'. Quick and dirty, this time, but with better on-board internet access and geared for older age cruising. Down the road.

Thank you for your interest in Triloboats and our lives on the water. I'll definitely be writing more this winter, and hope not to drop out like that again!

Fair winds,

Dave, Anke and Casey


  1. Great to hear from you! We're sure anxious for an update, and some pics of Wayward. Take the best of care up there!

    1. Hi Alan,

      You and me both, Brothah! Hoping to get pics of WAYWARD with sails up soon.

      Dave Z

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  3. I hope we don't have to wait months for the next update! So I assume that Wayward will be up for sale then? What size is the new craft going to be?

    1. Hi Dennis,

      We likely will sell WAYWARD, but this time will definitely wait till we have another bird in hand! Maybe still a couple of years out.

      We're still at the very early brainstorming phase, but a T40x10 or 12 looks like the target.

      I forgot to mention that a largish dog, Gracie, will be coming along for the dogwatch. 8)

      Dave Z

  4. Interesting!. It will almost be a new phase in life, good luck to you, Anke and Casey. I will continue to follow your progress as you embark on the new adventure, boats and rig goes. Good Luck again.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Most definitely a new phase... we've barely buddy-boated, much less taken a shipmate!

      Thanks for looking on!

      Dave Z

  5. Good to see ya'll are alive and kickin. Really look forward to your thoughts on older age design features and, particularly, quick-n-dirty construction. At this point in your design-build progress I'd imagine it a concentrated effort to actually do Q&D construction as the natural tendency is to build finer and finer as skills progress. But a lot of beauty in not using finer than 100 grit sandpaper and porch and deck enamel paint.
    Ya'll are still some of the bravest free thinkers I know of and good luck with the new cruising arrangements.

    1. Hi Robert,

      Heh. I think our natural progression is to bite off more'n we can chew, at least without staying hours at the table.

      We're still no finer than 60 grit... skinflints that we are, we'll sand a pad down until it more polishes than removes, then save it for hand sanding until it falls apart. 8)

      Thanks for the good wishes... still brainstorming!

      Dave Z

  6. Dave and all,
    We've been checking your sites periodically since last May and are delighted to see you back! Sounds like major changes are brewing. We look forward to hearing more about Casey, Gracie and the next boat.
    All the best,
    David and Pearl