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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doo Doo Doo, Lookin' Out My BackDoor

Bother me tomorrow,
Tonight I'll buy no sorrow.
Doo doo doo,
Lookin' out my backdoor.

- Creedence Clearwater Revival

When we helped Andy Stoner build his T32x12, MARY ELIZABETH, there came the great day when the tarp came up and the world poured in through her windows. WOW! Anke and I looked at each other and knew right and there that we'd have to build a TriloBoat for ourselves.

Not long later, our own tarp came up and we were seeing the world through SLACKTIDE's eyes.

SLACKTIDE has 270deg visibility, 2ft x 8ft windows port and starboard. From a sitting position on the floor (tent-like interior... throw pillows in lieu of furniture), we've got a choice of panoramic views.
I wish that pictures could convey the veiw plus the smell o' good cookin' on the woodstove, the sound of water against the hull, the comfort of one's favorite spot and the sweet fatigue of being underway. Most times, we're too enthralled with it all to remember the camera. Sometimes the night or twilit scenes just don't record on our bargain basement equipment. C'est la vie!

Such as it is, here's a taste, taken every one from our front room:

Low peninsula is Basket Bay

Chantrelles while dried out in Mud Bay with Chilkats behind

Mud Bay, fewer chantrelles and Chilkats

Rainy Chilkoots over Chatham Strait

Chilkoot mountaintop glacier

Playing chicken with rocks at E Passage Pt

150+ miles down Chatham Strait

Cliffs along Iyoukeen Peninsula

Sand beachlet among rocks

E Passage Point

Wachusetts rock formations

More at Wachussetts... note shelf exposed at low tides... very common

Same place, backside of point

Valley on Chatham Strait... Glacier Bay Nat'l Park across ridge

Alluvial fan off Endicott River

Boiling wake... Adios!

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