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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lazing Along the Low Road

Ah, you take the High Road,
And I'll take the Low;
And I'll be in Scotland afore ye.
- Scots Traditional

I'm a fella who chooses the Low Road through life.

The High Road (the one I started out along) entails an education, embarkment upon a career, years of paying dues and upward mobility. Making a Contribution to Society. As a reward, upon retirement, I am entitled to Reap the Benefits. Spend as many of my Golden Years as are left me in the Sun. Since I dream of boats, I might be entitled to a yacht.

Luckily, I lost my way.

There's another path. Jump the tracks! Build or buy a solid vessel. Nothing fancy, mind you; after all, you can't afford much on a few months wages. Something that will get you on the water and keep you there for next to nothing.

You've got time, every day to learn to make this work. Time to sail full, and by the wind's whim. Time to fish. Time to learn what weeds are not only edible, but delicious. Time to learn where the neglected fruit trees stand. Time to start a guerrilla garden, or several, in select and empty corners.

Time to brew some wine! Will it be a French vintage, aged to perfection in oaken barrels? Probably not. The Low Road cultivates low pleasures, but nonetheless more satisfying than those that may be purchased. It might be a young plum wine, decanted after but its primary fermentation. But sip it with one you love, in your home that you built with your four hands, looking out upon Paradise... what does the High Road offer that could compare?

Time to read, to ponder, to make music, to make love!

A  cartoon: In the foreground of a busy freeway, a car is pulled off, into the weeds. A chimney has been installed and a fire kindled. Its owner, now a robed and bearded pilgrim, is sitting in the opened door, in conversation with another who's apparently just passing by. He says, "One day, on my way into Vancouver, I thought to myself, What's the point?"

What IS the point? What will you do with your One Precious Life? How many Carpe Diem T-shirts before we finally seize the day? Freedom and philosophy, the pursuit of happiness and the wide horizon; they won't be found in the glossy magazines, at the mall, or on board a yacht that cost you half your life.

Go Low, my friends! Cultivate small pleasures. Let go of style and elegance. Trade 'em in for plain and homely. Fundamentals for flash is a good bargain.

The world's waiting!

At anchor, off the charts... one of those Low Road pull-outs.

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