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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hello and Welcome

Up a creek, got a paddle.
Hi folks,

Anke and I spend a lot of time out of reach of the internet. Accordingly, these posts and my responses to your comments will be trickling in, with frequent long pauses. Please check back from time to time or write me at I'll get back to you at the first opportunity.

You can also visit our site at more pics, info, articles and plans for barges for sail and power.

Dave Z


  1. Hi Bryan,

    Delighted you're delighted! If you see anything you'd like for your (most excellent) site, feel free to copy or link.

    I'll answer your BB question from TriloBoats.

    For the rest of you, visit!

  2. I want to build a boat to live on when I retire. I stumbled into your site last week and love it! I ordered the T24 Shanty StudyPlan and the T16x4 plans package. I never built a boat before and look forward to learning your system. In the meantime I will be studying your blog!